About Us

Regional Influence

Alpha Honey is sourced from the foothills region of the Canadian Rockies in southern Alberta. This unique region of Canada is known for its diverse landscape of dense boreal forests mixed with gently undulating foothills and rolling prairies. This diversity offers a wide selection or regionalized sources that creates the unique flavour of our honey.

environmental policies

We’re a proud Canadian brand that believes we must play an active role in contributing to the environmental sustainability of the land that feeds our business and the bees that produce our product. Our core philosophy is a natural approach to beekeeping practices that include nonchemical bee management, continued exposure to organic pollen sources and the safe, effective and long-term management of our bee population.

Pollen to plate

Our process for cultivating incredible honey is unique in its simplicity. We’ve learnt that every flower creates a distinct pollen profile that informs the flavour, colour and texture of the honey it produces. Over years of experience, selective pollination and trial and error we’ve learnt what flowers make the best honey. We situate hives in regions with a high floral concentration of pollen profiles we want to have in our honey. Simple.

Honey Bees

Our beekeeping practice promotes a bee-centred approach to hive management. We harvest hives only when safe and bountiful using bees that are native to the land they pollinate. This approach to colony management ensures a safe, natural ecological balance and predictable colony behaviour.  We do not introduce foreign bees, pesticides or chemicals; instead, we focus on supporting the natural symbiotic relationship between bees and the flowers they pollinate.


Head Apiarist Jon Zwiers practices a meticulous, hands-on style of beekeeping that emphasizes quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Jon crafts small-batch honey by isolating hives to only specific pollinating flowers in the Western Canadian foothills region of Alberta. This technique allows Alpha Honey to create distinct blends with unique flavours and a truly definitive honey experience.