Our Honey

Our honey is raw and unpasteurized which means the honey contains all the natural goodness nature has to offer. This includes vitamins and enzymes along with pollen from the flora sources. Every spoonful of Alpha Honey will leave you desiring more, combined with a rich velvety smooth texture that is sure to delight the palate and nurture the soul.

Pasteurized honey has been heated and filtered to slow down the crystallization process. This process leaves honey less viscous/more like a liquid. The heating process is known to have a negative effect on the natural ingredients found in honey naturally as it strains and removes many of the vitamins and minerals found in raw honey.

Unpasteurized honey is only slightly heated ensuring all of its nutritional properties remain intact.

Our honey does not go bad due to the low moisture content and the natural longevity that raw honey is known for.

Our Bees

Alpha honey is produced by the Western Honey Bee that has been carefully bred over years of selection. The traits we look for include temperament, ability to collect honey and prairie hardiness to survive our harsh winter climate.

The bees’ health is vital to the pollination and honey production for our farmers. Treatments are a last resort when working with the bees in a holistic manner. Ensuring proper nutrition and protection from outside exposure goes a long way in keeping healthy bees.

Our Farm

Alpha Honey prides itself on partnering with Apiaries that share our same values and ideals. These farms are located in pristine natural areas where the bees collect only the best honey we have to offer.

Honeybees are sensitive insects and as such are affected by exposure to chemicals that are applied. Fortunately we strive to place apiaries in areas that are not prone to widespread pesticide use.

We view the environment as our partner much like we view with farms that we source our honey from. By sharing similar ideals we become aligned in our mission to sharing nature’s finest sweetener with our customers.


Honey bees produce more honey than they need to survive and once the honey is harvested there is ample time for them to replenish their food reserves.

Honey is hand selected and harvested in the summer months when the flowers are in full bloom. Beekeepers are careful not to disturb the colony when harvesting the wooden combs from the beehives.

Smokers, fueled by natural combustibles such as dry grass, pine needles and bark give a calming sensation to the bees during the interaction with the beekeepers. The smoke creates a temporary window of calamity for the bees for which the apiarists can work effectively and without harming or disturbing the colonies.

Health & Wellness

Honey is said to contain antioxidants and benefit users with improved immunity response. Raw honey helps to relax the body with its natural properties and is believed to be a natural remedy.

The honey is in its natural state and is carefully selected based on the following criterion, geography, flora, fauna and cultivation expertise.

Buying Alpha Honey

Shipping is available anywhere in Canada. If you are looking to ship outside of Canada please Contact Us for more information.

As a food item, we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is broken or defective. If you receive a broken or defective item and would like a replacement or refund, please contact us at buzz@alphahoney.ca and a member of our team will assist you.

After you taste Alpha Honey, you will want it as gifts for everyone! For bulk orders please Contact Us to discuss pricing and availability.